The restaurant La Tavola Di Lucullo

It is possible to taste different dishes typical of the place; the restaurant is surrounded by magnificent villas, easy to reach is composed of three rooms with a total of 130 seats, located opposite the street, ideal for meals in company with smoking area; the interior is perfect for dancing in our “garden” surrounded by the famous lemons and oranges of Sorrento.

Our kitchen

We are famous for our kitchen “easy”, mainly based on blue fish, shellfish, excellent appetizers and especially pasta and pizza made in casa.Infatti more than luxury, we decided to focus on the so-called poor, local food, rediscovering old recipes today fashionable and sought after by connoisseurs.

The fun

Sure it’s nice to eat, but the fun? Even at that we’ll do, in fact it is possible to organize dinners with music and performances like the famous Tarantella, captained by our extravagant Pulcinella. And what of our staff? all nice and always with a smile full of surprises!